Todd McCurdy, FASLA is Vice President, and Director of Landscape Architecture and Planning in Huitt-Zollars' Orlando office. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Todd has led the establishment, growth and success of HZ/Morris’ landscape architecture, planning and urban design studio. His 35 years of experience with place-making, knowledge of tourism, and sustainable design have allowed him to advise developers and government entities world-wide in the planning, development and redevelopment of new destinations and major urban centers. Whether working on a exclusive enclave in the dunes of Arabia, an eco-tourism masterplan in the Brazilian rainforest, an urban masterplan where tourism is a key factor, or a theme park environment, Todd brings his well-studied body of knowledge of people and places, and the quality of guests’ experience, to bear on all types of projects.
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In Niterói Brazil, at a lunch counter in a place called O Galeto. It's a chicken restaurant, and one of our favorites. Jim Pope took this picture, and calls it the 'International Man of Mystery' photo, which, I think is too cool. : )