LEGOLAND® named Outstanding Experience

“Unlike last year, there were so many unique experiences and great attractions, it was just really hard to pick just one. We thought that we had it nailed down to another attraction, then we walked through the gates of Legoland Florida. I was a kid again, squealing in delight at all the amazing Lego models, all of the great fun rides, and just floored by the way that the park transformed the old Cypress Gardens into an actual Theme Park that people lined up for! The beauty of Cypress Gardens was kept intact, while an all new park sprung to life with something to do for just about everyone. Sure, the park is aimed at little kids, and if you go without one you’ll be sorely disappointed, but with all the models, shows and coasters it’s a definite must see park. The “Model Citizens” are also very enthusiastic and extremely friendly, almost more than any other park we had been to this year. Plus the park has already announced expansion plans, has plans they haven’t announced and has been so successful over the holiday season that they had to close for capacity, and extend hours several times. This park has already done great things, and we feel that there will be many more great things to come!” - Behind the Thrills
Congratulations Legoland Florida!
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MorrisTerra Published

MorrisTerra was published in the August 2011 issue of the prestigious Landscape Architecture Magazine.
An article by Ernest Beck called “Outside looking in - For many firms, working abroad is no longer and ‘if’, but many still wonder what in the world they’re doing.”
The article is a strong and comprehensive treatise on working abroad, with quotes and commentary from many firms doing work abroad, including MorrisTerra. For the story, the author interviewed Todd McCurdy, FASLA and others about their experiences working in other countries, including the challenges, and the benefits.


McCurdy Fellow Press Release

Morris Terra is proud to announce that Todd Marshall McCurdy, Principal, and Director of Landscape Architecture and Planning at Morris Architects | Morris Terra, has been selected for induction into the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) distinguished Council of Fellows. Fellowship is among the highest honors ASLA may bestow and recognizes the significant contributions Mr. McCurdy has made to the profession and the public through his exceptional accomplishments in planning and design demonstrating a mastery of the art, stewardship and the social responsibility of landscape architecture, with significant impact on the public and the profession.
The 2010 ASLA Council of Fellows investiture ceremony will be held on Sunday evening, September 12, in Washington, D.C. Following the investiture ceremony, the new Fellows may use the suffix “FASLA” to denote this high honor.
About Mr. McCurdy
Todd McCurdy was nominated in the Works Category by the Florida Chapter for his dedication to the art and craft of landscape architecture. He is inspired to preserve and integrate elements of local culture into his designs as he translates those stories into creative and responsible design solutions. By working closely with the client and community members, he takes the time to understand each project's goals and challenges so that his landscapes educate, generate revenue, and protect our natural resources. His is a landscape architecture that improves as well as beautifies the lives of people who experience his work. Mr. McCurdy has focused this passion in locations as diverse as Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, and the Americas. He earned his Bachelor of Science in landscape architecture from The Ohio State University.
Established in 1938, Morris Architects is a 150-person multi-disciplinary practice with offices in Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong. The firm provides architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and planning services to a diverse national and international client base. More information can be found at  &


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Eco-Friendly Development Continues to Make Good Business Sense

"Eco-Friendly Development Continues to Make Good Business Sense" part of the Caribbean, Central America and Florida Spotlight- written by Mike Sheridan
Published in the February 2009 issue of URBAN LAND magazine.
Parque Amazônia mentioned and Todd McCurdy quoted in the article about sustainability and Eco-development.
"In Brazil, the state of Pará has put in place legislation to create Parque Amazônia as a model of well-thought-out, sustainable development. Most of the environmental studies for the project have been completed, says Todd McCurdy, a Principal and Director of landscape, architecture, and planning at Morris Architects. “Development will begin as soon as the state selects a qualified investor/developer, possibly by the second quarter of 2009,” he adds. While 68 percent of Parque Amazônia is primarily rain forest, the remainder of the site served as a rubber plantation dating back to the late 1700s. In addition to providing historic interest, the plantation permits the new development to take place on previously disturbed land—thus allowing the project to be close to the forest without disturbing it. according to McCurdy, eco-friendly development is no longer merely “nice to do” but is now a “must do,” driven by the increased scarcity of resources and pressure from stakeholders. “the stakeholders are not only the owners, designers, and builders who are looking for more efficient and environmentally friendly delivery systems, but also the people who are using these places,” he says. “they are demanding environmental responsibility of all the products they use.”

Interview and "Featured Member" of Land8Lounge

Todd McCurdy, Director of Landscape Architecture and Planning has been interviewed "above the fold" and is a "featured member" on Land8Lounge, the premier social networking website for landscape architects worldwide. Land8Lounge is less than a year old, but already has over 3500 members from around the world. They recently recognized the work done at MorrisTerra with an in-depth interview and an elevation of Todd to “featured member” status.

From Masterplans to Music Legends

Landscape Architect | October 2008
Technology Section
From Masterplans to Music Legends: Creating Rock-Star projects with CAD software
Article includes text and photos for Hard Rock Park, Niterói Centro Masterplan, and Parque Amazônia.

Master Plan for Niterói Brazil

"Master Plan for Niteroi, Brazil" - written by Sam Newberg
Published in the October issue of URBAN LAND magazine.
The birthplace of architect Oscar Niemeyer, the city seeks to broaden and strengthen its economic base through key public investments.The city of Niteroi, Brazil, is in the early stages of a 20-year plan to reinvest in its historic central city. The Niteroi Centro 2026 Master Plan incorporates the municipality’s traditional downtown, waterfront, port, industrial, and residential areas. It seeks to broaden and strengthen its economic base through key public investments that will leverage significant private development over time. Much of the effort will be focused on reconnecting the city to its greatest natural asset, its waterfront, and creating a better sense of place there.

Adventures in Landscape Architecture: Bring your Antacid

Landscape Architect | September 2008
Technology Section
Adventures in Landscape Architecture: Bring your Antacid
A Conversation with Todd McCurdy of Morris Architects
Are you up for Vietnamese weasel stew? How about sliced Chinese pig ears? How about Durian? Todd McCurdy is. He’s a Principal and Director of Landscape Architecture and Planning for Morris Architects in Orlando, Florida, and he believes that sampling the local cuisine is an important ingredient in his award-winning work. “One of our favorite sayings is ‘Go to the site. Eat the food.’ If you don’t go there, you can’t really understand the surroundings and how your design ideas will relate to the things around it as well as the local culture,” McCurdy explains. He takes the responsibility very seriously. No matter how foreign the delicacy is, he savors it..

Hard Rock Park Published again

German Theme Park Industry Magazine Kirmes & Park Revue
No. 132 July/2008

Great article with many photographs of the park, as well as our Masterplan.