MorrisTerra Published

MorrisTerra was published in the August 2011 issue of the prestigious Landscape Architecture Magazine.
An article by Ernest Beck called “Outside looking in - For many firms, working abroad is no longer and ‘if’, but many still wonder what in the world they’re doing.”
The article is a strong and comprehensive treatise on working abroad, with quotes and commentary from many firms doing work abroad, including MorrisTerra. For the story, the author interviewed Todd McCurdy, FASLA and others about their experiences working in other countries, including the challenges, and the benefits.


Master Plan for Niterói Brazil

"Master Plan for Niteroi, Brazil" - written by Sam Newberg
Published in the October issue of URBAN LAND magazine.
The birthplace of architect Oscar Niemeyer, the city seeks to broaden and strengthen its economic base through key public investments.The city of Niteroi, Brazil, is in the early stages of a 20-year plan to reinvest in its historic central city. The Niteroi Centro 2026 Master Plan incorporates the municipality’s traditional downtown, waterfront, port, industrial, and residential areas. It seeks to broaden and strengthen its economic base through key public investments that will leverage significant private development over time. Much of the effort will be focused on reconnecting the city to its greatest natural asset, its waterfront, and creating a better sense of place there.