The 2017 Update!

The news below is mostly from year ago, brought over from the old MorrisTerra site.

UCF Knights Plaza has been bestowed an Award of Merit from the the Florida Chapter of the Amer-ican Society of Landscape Architects! At the University of Central Florida’s Knights Plaza, Huitt-Zollars’ bold vision has reinvented the existing plaza by giving it a new modern aes-thetic, a sense of place, more appropriately scaled spaces and an energy that it was sorely missing. The design separated the poorly-defned plaza into 3 distinct Outdoor Rooms, providing needed spatial defnition, shade, and seating options. This dynamic solution maintained a central events space bounded by allees of date palms, planting and fountains, creating shaded seating options in the new interstitial spaces between the larger rooms. The scale is completely different here, pro-viding the immersive experience of going through something, not just across it. This new defnition fostered the creation of a memorable pedestrian environment with a strong sense of place, main-taining the ability to continue to hold large events, but also work for smaller, more intimate gath-erings and individuals. The improvements have had a dramatic impact on the look and feel and usability of the space. The breakdown of spaces creates maximum opportunity for engagement on multiple levels, functioning equally well for major events, or day to day student activities. This bold, contemporary solution will serve it’s faculty and student body now, and for many years to come.Award of Merit bestowed by the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects