Interview and "Featured Member" of Land8Lounge

Todd McCurdy, Director of Landscape Architecture and Planning has been interviewed "above the fold" and is a "featured member" on Land8Lounge, the premier social networking website for landscape architects worldwide. Land8Lounge is less than a year old, but already has over 3500 members from around the world. They recently recognized the work done at MorrisTerra with an in-depth interview and an elevation of Todd to “featured member” status.

From Masterplans to Music Legends

Landscape Architect | October 2008
Technology Section
From Masterplans to Music Legends: Creating Rock-Star projects with CAD software
Article includes text and photos for Hard Rock Park, Niterói Centro Masterplan, and Parque Amazônia.

Master Plan for Niterói Brazil

"Master Plan for Niteroi, Brazil" - written by Sam Newberg
Published in the October issue of URBAN LAND magazine.
The birthplace of architect Oscar Niemeyer, the city seeks to broaden and strengthen its economic base through key public investments.The city of Niteroi, Brazil, is in the early stages of a 20-year plan to reinvest in its historic central city. The Niteroi Centro 2026 Master Plan incorporates the municipality’s traditional downtown, waterfront, port, industrial, and residential areas. It seeks to broaden and strengthen its economic base through key public investments that will leverage significant private development over time. Much of the effort will be focused on reconnecting the city to its greatest natural asset, its waterfront, and creating a better sense of place there.

Green Protocol Signed by US and Brasilian Designers

Green Protocol Signed by U.S. and Brazilian Designers
Representatives from a consortium of U.S. and Brazilian architecture and design organizations in June signed a protocol in Manaus, Brazil, calling for increased cooperation between professionals in each country in the area of green building design. Among those signing the document were Brazil-based professional architecture organizations CONFEA Brasil and CREA Amazonas; the Texas Society of Architects, a state component of the American Institute of Architects; and Orlando, Florida–based Morris Architects, which has offices in both the United States and Brazil.

Adventures in Landscape Architecture: Bring your Antacid

Landscape Architect | September 2008
Technology Section
Adventures in Landscape Architecture: Bring your Antacid
A Conversation with Todd McCurdy of Morris Architects
Are you up for Vietnamese weasel stew? How about sliced Chinese pig ears? How about Durian? Todd McCurdy is. He’s a Principal and Director of Landscape Architecture and Planning for Morris Architects in Orlando, Florida, and he believes that sampling the local cuisine is an important ingredient in his award-winning work. “One of our favorite sayings is ‘Go to the site. Eat the food.’ If you don’t go there, you can’t really understand the surroundings and how your design ideas will relate to the things around it as well as the local culture,” McCurdy explains. He takes the responsibility very seriously. No matter how foreign the delicacy is, he savors it..

Hard Rock Park Published again

German Theme Park Industry Magazine Kirmes & Park Revue
No. 132 July/2008

Great article with many photographs of the park, as well as our Masterplan.